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Vitrified Floor Tiles

Vitrified floor tiles are a special type of ceramic tile that has additional components such as; silica and clay in the mixture. These tiles are a popular choice for homeowners because of their unique glossy appearance. Vitrified tiles give a glassy look to the floor, something that feels quite smooth and lustrous. Homeowners have been attracted by such tiles ever since their introduction.

Hector Ceramic manufactures such superior vitrified floor tiles for modern homes. We are driven by our customer’s satisfaction. As a leading tile manufacturer, We understand our responsibility and constantly innovate and live up to our customer's expectations.

Vitrified floor tiles essentially are the same as ceramic tiles but appear a bit “artificial”. For modern-day homes that follow the neo or neo-retro style of furniture and decoration, vitrified is best suited for them. Our vitrified tiles are available in several different sizes, colors, and designs. Every single one of our vitrified tiles is manufactured by leveraging state-of-the-art technology which is managed by our team of professionals.

Available Sizes

600x600 Vitrified Floor tiles
Vitrified Floor Tiles
600x1200 Vitrified Floor tiles
Vitrified Floor Tiles


Why Choose Vitrified Floor Tiles?

Vitrified tiles are excellent alternatives for granite and other decorative materials or flooring. These tiles can deliver excellent contrast to your homes because of their subtle design. Supporting the made in India campaign, we manufacture these tiles in India and export them globally. We are inclined to offer amazing creativity and innovation in our vitrified floor tiles while also providing satisfactory customer service.

Our vitrified tiles are fine-finished and available in several different patterns, to allow our customers to opt for the ideal vitrified for their homes. We leveraged the accumulated experience over the years of manufacturing and service to constantly upgrade our collection and quality of vitrified floor tiles. These tiles are unique in their own way and deliver eye-appealing aesthetics to your modern home. Browse our collection and make your home resonate with your preferred character.