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Nano Vitrified Tiles

Nano-vitrified tiles are a type of vitrified tiles with nano-coating. This coating is done by applying a layer of liquid silica on the surface of the tiles and filling the fine pores on the tiles. Due to advanced processes, the surface of nano vitrified tiles becomes sleek and beautiful. These tiles are considered state-of-the-art due to its advanced chemical-nanotechnology. The same process makes nano vitrified tiles better resistant to water and dust than other tiles.

At hector ceramic, we make subtle patterns and designs which allow them to impart a cleaner yet professional look. Our nano tiles are known for their strength and shiny finish. The nano vitrified tiles are generally harder and have more strength. These types of tiles are generally found in ivory-based color. A common question may arise in homeowners' minds; Why use nano-vitrified tiles? When it comes to flooring solutions, there are a plethora of options available in the market. However, every home has its aesthetics and if you are looking for a cleaner yet attractive look then nano vitrified tiles are the way to go.

Available Sizes

10x15 digital wall tiles
Nano Vitrified Tiles


Transform Your Space With The Power of Tiles

Nano Vitrified tiles are fit for residential and commercial settings. You can use these tiles for Homes, malls, schools, airports, and many more. As a leading tile manufacturer, We earned our reputation in the tile market by delivering top-quality nano-vitrified tiles and offering best customer after sales support.

Our tiles are exported around the globe and as our tiles are competitively priced. We also gather crucial feedback from our customers that help us improve and enhance our collection. We have set our future prospectus to continue expanding our collection and help you to decorate your homes even better!


Discover the Brilliance of Nano Vitrified Tiles

We can proudly vouch for the quality of our products as we have gathered a reputation in the market with years of experience. Our focus is continuous improvement in delivering our products and services, hence we take customer feedback very seriously.

Our stock of nano tiles consists of nuanced patterns to propagate beauty in your space. Our Ivory color based nano tiles are most popular. Their unrivaled strength and superior resistance makes them suitable for any space. Build mesmerizing houses, hotels, shops, malls, anything with our Nano vitrified tiles