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12x18 Digital Wall Tiles

Digital wall tiles are perfect for those homeowners who cherish their personal style and creativity. The last few years have seen a rise in interest in digital wall tiles among homeowners. By using Digital printing technology, digital prints of desired designs are created on the surface of ceramic or porcelain tiles. A wide range of design possibilities has opened up because of this technology.

We have a good collection of beautiful 12x8 digital wall tiles including designs with exquisite nature inspired patterns, intriguing geometric forms and even tailored prints made to your specifications.

flower print digital wall tiles

110 HL G 2SIDE

flower print 2 sided digital wall tiles

110 HL H 2SIDE

marble look digital wall tiles

1030 D

marble look chequered digital wall tiles

1030 HL3

highlighter digital wall tiles

1030 HL8

12x18 digital wall tiles

1030 L

12x18 digital wall tiles

1075_D m2

sunflower digital wall tiles


patterned digital wall tiles

gel 501

natural stone digital wall tiles

Gel 559

get digital wall tiles

GEL 564

pebbles design

GLE 547

blue bubble wall tile

SG 1150_HL_2

blue digital wall tiles

SG 1183 D V2

gray digital wall tiles

SG 1905_KT 1



yellow flower digital wall tiles


pink digital wall tiles


stone 12x18 digital wall tiles


white 12x18 digital wall tiles

110 HL C

flower bud 12x18 digital wall tiles

110 HL E 2SIDE

flower 12x18 digital wall tiles

110 HL F 2SIDE

A unique appearance that resonates with your thoughts and likings is our goal. Our 12x18 digital wall tile is perfect for your home because the size is compact enough to accommodate several different designs and/or styles while simultaneously being the perfect size for you to take a comfortable glance at it.

There are several applications of 12x18 digital wall tiles for your homes such as; customized prints of designs, finishes, and so much more. That is why we, Hector Ceramic LLP, bring amazing trendy designs for digital wall tiles 12x18 with immense customization options for you to choose from. Each home is special in its own way and our products are aimed to bring those special features out.

The 12x18 digital wall tiles are extremely popular among homeowners because of their compact yet influential appearance. By installing digital wall tiles of this size you can also incorporate several other similar-sized digital wall tiles and create a unique look on your home walls.

Our collection allows homeowners to opt for the ideal 12x18 digital wall tiles for their homes. Customer satisfaction is our top priority as these digital wall tiles are based on our customer’s preferences. We have a trained team of professionals that will assist you with both pre and post-purchase inquiries. Our digital wall tiles 12x18 are manufactured in India by leveraging a team of professionals and the latest machines thus ensuring top-quality products and services.

Moreover, we also acknowledge our customer base, which is why we accumulate crucial information for innovating our 12x18 digital wall tiles and offer them at competitive prices. As a tiles manufacturer in India, we consider it our privilege to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for! All the latest tools, market trends, and a team of professionals work unanimously to create the best 12x18 digital wall tile for your homes. Browse through our collection of digital wall tiles 12x18 and let us satisfy your home decor requirements.