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Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer in Morbi

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular types of tiles around the world. You can find ceramic tiles in almost every possible setting, these tiles are extremely versatile and cost-effective. Ever since urbanization, the demand for ceramic tiles rose substantially as homeowners started decorating their homes in a personalized manner. To meet the rising demand the market has also witnessed a significant increase in the number of ceramic tiles manufacturers.

India has been a leader in tile manufacturing worldwide, especially Morbi. It is a city in Gujarat that is considered the hub for ceramic tiles manufacturers all across India. Tiles from Morbi are not only distributed in PAN India but also exported overseas. Ceramic tiles manufacturers in Morbi are famous for their vast collection of tiles that are available at competitive prices!

The city is also known as the ‘Ceramic City of India”. So morbi can be considered a one-stop for every flooring solution. Morbi is responsible for producing tiles of almost every type and size. You can find tiles that are as short as 8x12cm to as large as 160x320cm.

The variety of collections and abundance of tile manufacturers makes Morbi an ideal and best place to find tiles. There are more than 900 Ceramic tiles manufacturers in Morbi and is expected to generate a turnover of more than INR 20000 crore. The commerce ministry of India has also given Morbi the title of “Town of Export Excellence” (TEE).

Available Sizes

10x15 ceramic tiles manufacturers
Ceramic Tiles
12x18 ceramic tiles manufacturers
Ceramic Tiles
12x24 ceramic tiles manufacturers
Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

History of Morbi's Tiles Manufacturing

In morbi, Tiles manufacturing businesses were first introduced in 1994. But since 1932, Morbi has been producing roof tiles called Naliya. The history of Morbi aided its future value. Ever since 1994, the city has experienced tremendous growth.

As a leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in morbi, Hector Ceramic is making an active contribution towards the growth of the ceramic tile industry, as we continue to expand our collection of tiles and network. Our extensive collection and top-notch services make us a reputed ceramic tile manufacturer in morbi and India.


What Makes Us the Best?

  • We at Hector Ceramics, have extensive manufacturing facilities in Morbi with the newest machinery. We have also partnered with other leading groups of companies to bring forward a variety of tiling solutions to the end customer.
  • A well established global network has allowed us to set our foot in the international market. Our Ceramic tiles are well known not only domestically but internationally. Morbi’s geographical placement, with easy access to ports of Kandla and Mundra, allows us to export our ceramic tiles worldwide.
  • Customer happiness drives us to work better each day. Our devoted team of experts provide end-to-end solutions to all sorts of tiling needs. From choosing the right product, to customization and then finally efficiently making the deliveries, we take care of everything.
  • We understand the importance of innovation and sustainability in today’s ever changing world. Hence we have an in house Research and Development team to stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Our team strives to prepare designs in accordance with trending demands and embraces technological advancements. In this process, we are mindful of the impact on the environment and have adopted eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

This helps us to maintain our position in the market while also bringing in tiles with new creative designs and patterns in the market, thus making our customers happy.

Collaborate with us today to transform your home, office or any other significant project with our exceptional range of Ceramic Tiles. Our products will completely enhance the aesthetics of your space while giving it functionality and durability. Checkout our website to find the right fit for your space. Happy Building!