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Why Vitrified Tiles are the Better Choice for Your Flooring Over Natural Marble

Why Vitrified Tiles are the Better Choice for Your Flooring Over Natural Marble

Flooring is an important part of your home. It beautifies as well as protects your home. That's why it is very important to choose the right option for flooring. There is always a fight between marble and vitrified floor tiles in the flooring world.

Where marbles give a classic touch, vitrified floor tiles give a glossy touch to your floor. But marble floorings are slowly becoming out of fashion. And today through this blog we will tell you why you should use vitrified tiles instead of marble for flooring.

We will go through several parameters to compare marble flooring and vitrified floor tiles.

Making the Right Choice: A Guide to Marble Flooring and Vitrified Floor Tiles


First of all, let's talk about the installation of marble floors and vitrified floor tiles. Let's look at the marble flooring first.

Installing marbles on the floor is a very complicated task. For this you need professionals. That's why the installation of marbles costs a lot. It takes several days for the marble flooring to be completely prepared from above. And sometimes the difference in sizes is also seen during installation.

But vitrified floor tiles do not require any complicated process. They are easily installed and the cost is also minimal. That's why the installation is the first reason why one should choose vitrified floor tiles over marble.


Now let’s go through another parameter i.e. sustainability.

Marbles is definitely a strong option but it is not long-lasting and sustainable. But with time, imperfections start appearing in the marble flooring. Marbles lose their original color after a few years and turn yellow after reacting with the atmosphere. With time Marble flooring loses its shine and also becomes rough. It will make your flooring look dead.

But verified floor tiles being sustainable will give you long-term charm. These are inert, so they do not lose their color by coming in contact with air. Being vitrified, it does not lose its shine and gives a fine finish to your flooring. So for longevity, You should choose a Vitrified floor instead of Marble Flooring.

Variable Size

A constant size is very important for perfect utility. varia

Marble is a pure stone. That's why sometimes there is a difference between two batch sizes during manufacturing. Due to these uneven sizes, there can be many variations in the pattern of marble flooring. Non-matching of sizes at the time of installation can cause too many difficulties.

But in the case of vitrified floor tiles, this problem is sporadic. The manufacturing of vitrified floor tiles is highly controlled and disciplined. The vitrified floor tiles pass through various quality control checks. That's why all the batches are of perfect sizes. Therefore vitrified floor tiles provide a matte finish to your home.


The next factor that we are going to talk about is the cost of these floorings.

Marble flooring is definitely a tempting option but its expenses will blow your mind. Marble is a natural stone whose extraction and polishing cost a lot. That's why the rates of marbles touch the sky. The marbles which are available at low rates could be of better quality. That's why quality and affordability cannot be found together in marbles.

Vitrified Floor Tiles is a high-quality and economical product. Vitrified floor tiles are formed with modern techniques so it does not cost as much as extraction. So if you are looking for an economical and high standards flooring option, then vitrified floor tiles are the perfect match for you.


Maintenance plays the most important role in flooring. Let us compare both on that basis.

If the shine of marble flooring is maintained then frequent maintenance is required. The marble floor is prone to scratches, stains, and cracks easily. That's why there is a lot of trouble with their maintenance. Marbles are very prone to water. And there is a very high risk of foot frostbite. That's why marble flooring is not appropriate in the bathroom and kitchen.

Vitrified floor tiles are scratch-proof and do not get stained easily. The risk of accidents is greatly reduced due to the anti-slip coating. Vitrified floor tiles not only keep your home beautiful but also make it safe.


After seeing all these parameters, you must have come to know why Vitrified Floor Tiles is the best option for you. Apart from all these, you also get many sensational design options in vitrified floor tiles. Hopefully, this comparison will help you to choose the flooring option.

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