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11 Stylish Vitrified Floor Tiles Combinations For Your Home

11 Stylish Vitrified Floor Tiles Combinations For Your Home


Vitrified floor tiles are the first choice of modern homeowners for flooring. These tiles are elegant, sustainable, and economical as well. You can give any look to your floor with the help of these tiles. But the problem comes in finding their color combination. 

So through this blog, we will tell you which color combination will be best for you.

Best Vitrified Floor Tiles Design For You

1. Vitrified Brown Floor Tiles With Silky Golden Brown Wall Tiles

Brown and Crafted vitrified floor tiles, along with silky golden brown wall tiles, will give your area a sophisticated appeal. The design is incredibly contrasted and mind-calming. You may add a cool atmosphere to the environment by employing dark lighting. Because sunshine amplifies these hues, this design would be ideal for a living area.

2. A White Backsplash Contrasted With Black Vitrified Floor Tiles

A white backsplash combined with black vitrified floor tiles will provide a stylish look. It can undoubtedly give you a satisfactory impression. During the design process, keep the horizontal pattern on the walls. Similarly, the floor is decorated with black floor tiles in a square pattern.

3. Vitrified Brick Red Floor Tiles With Milk White Wall Tiles

If you want to give your kitchen a shiny effect, select brick-red vitrified floor tiles. You should utilize milk white wall tiles with brick red floor tiles on the walls. These tiles will improve the ambiance of the kitchen. Use dark brown and woody cabinetry and furnishings in the kitchen with these tiles. This sort of combination will give your kitchen a trendy and attractive appeal.

4. Vitrified Honey-Brown Floor Tiles With Pink Wall Tiles

Believe me, this design will have an impact on you. On the floor of your bedroom, you might utilize honey-brown vitrified floor tiles. And you have bubblegum pink wall tiles on your walls. This color combination will give a cherry blossom feel to your bedroom. White lighting will add life to this pattern and black-colored furniture will complete this design.

5. Black Spotted Vitrified Floor Tiles In Greyish-White Color 

White lighting will add life to this pattern and black-colored furniture will complete this design. If you are fond of antique furniture then Black spotted vitrified tiles in greyish white color are perfect for you. 

Also, the combination of these greyish-white floor tiles with white ceilings and pale brown wall tiles gives you an aesthetic look. Old yellow lighting and brown black antique furniture create a mesmerizing environment. You will surely get lost in this design for some time.

6. Printed Vitrified Floor Tiles

Let us give your bathroom a fresh look. Have you ever used a bathroom with printed vitrified tiles? Take our advice and do it once. Also, Use printed wall tiles on the walls. This combo will create a dramatic atmosphere. So what are you waiting for? Purchase & try these vitrified floor tiles now!

7. Floor Tiles Granite Black Vitrified

Granite black vitrified floor tiles lend a robust aspect to your bathroom. Using granite marble on the washroom walls also creates a relaxing ambiance. You should pair these tiles with wood furniture. This combo will make you feel like a fantastic creation. If you want, you can use ceramic wash basins and fittings. Through which you will get a luxurious bathroom.

8. Pastel Brown Colored Vitrified Tiles

You could use pastel brown floor tiles with a checkerboard design for your flooring. These checkerboard tiles will offer a more refined touch to your indoor or outdoor areas. If you don't want a checkerboard design, a staggered horizontal pattern is an option. But keep in mind that there should be no gaps between them.

9. Brown Wood Look Vitrified Floor Tiles

This kitchen motif is popular among many individuals. Elegant while being classic. This style makes use of brown wood-like vitrified floor tiles. Along with this, you can decorate the wall tiles by arranging brick bonds on the walls. This creates a royal kitchen with classic white windows, a fireplace and brown wooden furniture. With bright lighting and a little decoration, it will give your kitchen a different charm.

10. Brown Vitrified Rectangular Floor Tiles

Rectangular brown vitrified floor tiles along with golden brown wall marble will make your mornings appear rich. This style of bathroom design may make your day royal. It is also an excellent idea for small bathrooms. The floor tiles can be laid out horizontally in a brick bond pattern. Use glass furniture to create a rich atmosphere.

11. Floor Tiles In Milky White Vitrified Floor Tiles

If you like white backgrounds, you may use this design. You enjoyed the mix of milky white vitrified floor tiles and glass white wall tiles. Your kitchen will have a stunning look with a white-black splash and furnishings here.

These are the vitrified floor tiles color combinations to use in your home which can decorate the look in a wonderful way. With our vitrified tiles, Give your home an astounding look. Hector ceramic is a reputed manufacturer & exporter of floor & wall tiles. Our tiles can be used widely in commercial and residential buildings that can enhance the look and feel of the exteriors and interiors.