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Nano Vitrified Tiles: Definition, Features And Application

Nano Vitrified Tiles: Definition, Features And Application

Tile manufacturers constantly struggle to deliver something “different” and “unique” to their customers. So over the last couple of years, leading tile manufacturers, such as Hector Ceramics, introduced nano vitrified tiles in the market. These tiles are one of the latest introductions of tiles in the industry. These tiles are unique because of the technology incorporated in manufacturing them.

Nano vitrified tiles, also known as soluble salt tiles are introduced in the market to meet the rising standards of customers and satisfy international demand. Nano vitrified tiles can be considered an upgrade to general ceramic tiles. The advancements in chemical nanotechnology have allowed leading tile manufacturers to create these “special” tiles with nano covering on the surface, thus, allowing them to be dust-repellent and water-repellant!

There are several benefits of nano vitrified tiles, such as suitable for the extensive foot traffic which is often the reason behind tile renovation or re-installation! The relation between nanotechnology and the tiles industry is the one that has been trending over the years, it is common to wonder why so? Let's answer that question while understanding the importance of nano-vitrified tiles.

Nano Vitrified Tiles And Its Technology

Nanotechnology works well with vitrified tiles. There are essentially 2 types of vitrified tiles, namely; nano vitrified and double charged vitrified tiles. Today we will take a deeper dive into nano vitrified tiles and understand their features, applications, and importance.

First, what are nano vitrified tiles? These tiles are essentially vitrified tiles with a chemical nano covering on their surface thus covering all the micro pores that are present. This enables the tile to withstand a wet and dusty environment as the external particles do not get the space on the surface of nano tiles to stick to.

Nano vitrified tiles are, therefore, known to be extremely enduring by withstanding an enormous amount of external stress.

Nanotechnology has allowed tile manufacturers to create designer and durable tiles for homeowners with a modern approach. Nano-vitrified tiles, along with being beautifully aesthetic, are incredibly versatile as well. This is why these tiles are recommended for almost every room in a home!

Features of Nano Vitrified Tiles

Nano tiles come with tons of features because of the latest technology. As the demand for these vitrified tiles is growing exponentially, thus, proving to be a big challenge for leading ceramic tiles manufacturers to not only satisfy the demand but also satisfy the customer.

Here are some of the features of nano-vitrified tiles:

1. Dust-repellant

The micropores on the surface of the nano tiles are covered using nanotechnology. The absence of micropores does’t allow dust particles to settle on the surface and hence, these tiles maintain their luster and aesthetics for a long time while requiring less maintenance.

2. Water-Repellant

Nano vitrified tiles are non porous in nature. So water cannot lay on the surface of these tiles, this property makes the tile popular among homeowners for bathroom and kitchen areas.

3. Scratch-Resistant

Scratches are one of the primary concerns of homeowners. That’s why nano tiles with a modern nano-coating surface are preferable which are better scratch-resistant. These tiles can also withstand great environmental stress and prevail in heavy-duty situations.

4. Beautiful Aesthetics

These tiles are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The plethora of designs available for nano vitrified tiles allow homeowners to customize their homes just the way they like!

5. Anti-bacterial

Nano vitrified tiles are covered with chemical nano covering. The chemical nano coating doesn't allow bacteria to grow by creating an inhospitable environment, however, the tile is not harmful to humans at all.

Applications of Nano Vitrified Tiles

Based on the above-mentioned features it is quite obvious that nano vitrified tiles can be used almost everywhere, however it might get a bit overwhelming and confusing to decide. Let us take a look at 3 main spaces where these tiles can be used to their full potential:

1. Homes

Homeowners are actively looking for tiles that can deliver beautiful aesthetics while being long-lasting. Tiles that require low maintenance are often preferred by homeowners. In these factors, nano vitrified tiles can help. Also, these tiles are a great option for areas that are particularly wet, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

2. Commercial Settings

Nano vitrified tiles are incredibly durable and strong. These tiles can handle heavy foot traffic and are therefore a popular choice among office owners for their workspaces and lobbies. These places also require some subtle form of decoration, something for which these vitrified tiles are known.

3. For Public Places

Architects and designers are always looking for the best complementary tiles for structures and other important social or public places such as restaurants, malls and showrooms. So nano tiles can be a convenient option for them.


Based on the features and applications, it is blatant that nano vitrified tiles play a crucial role in the tiles industry. Not only are they an attractive choice for homeowners and office owners but they also prove to be a strong alternative to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Additionally, these tiles increase the options for customers thus enhancing the versatility! All this is possible because of nanotechnology. Overall, nano vitrified tiles have been getting into trend over the last couple of years and will undoubtedly increase in demand in the coming years.

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