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Digital Wall Tiles: The Latest Trend in Interior Design

Digital Wall Tiles: The Latest Trend in Interior Design

Digital wall tiles are the latest trend in interior design. They are a great way to add personality, character, and interest to your home. They are made by printing patterns & designs digitally onto a tile. This results in a unique, beautiful, and high-quality finished product.

We manufacture these tiles in two sizes: 12x18 digital wall tiles and 12x24 digital wall tiles. Depending upon your requirement you can leverage either one of these to customize your spaces. There are a variety of digital wall tile designs, colors, and finishes to choose from. You can find tiles with floral designs, geometric patterns, or abstract designs.

If you are looking for a unique and stylish way to decorate or customize your walls and interiors? Digital wall tiles are The Latest Trend in Interior Design. Let’s see why?

Are Digital Wall Tiles Worth it?

There are many benefits to using digital wall tiles. For one, they are incredibly easy to install and cost-effective. Because of the introduction of digital printing technology, the cost to achieve such fine-finished printed tiles dropped considerably. Thus, making these tiles cost-effective.

The ability to showcase your artwork and customize your room with the designs and styles you want with such ease makes digital wall tiles definitely worth it.

Types and Sizes of Digital Tiles

These tiles are available in 2 different sizes, depending upon homeowners' requirements they can opt for either of them or both of them, to create contrast and showcase important artwork or decorate their walls.

The 2 popular sizes in which these tiles are available are:

12x18 Digital wall tiles (300x450mm)

These tiles are a bit compact and can act as focusing points because they can be situated in between the background gradient. These tiles are recommended for a sharp and bold showcase of artwork and/or pictures. These tiles are mostly used in to create beautiful and creative bathrooms & kitchens.

12x24 Digital wall tiles (300x600mm) 

These are relatively bigger wall tiles. These digital wall tiles cover a larger surface area and can therefore be used to showcase your designs, patterns, or artwork over a larger area, thus, making it the center of attention. These tiles can be used in living rooms, to display affection towards inanimate objects or loved ones.

Applications of Digital Wall Tiles

Digital wall tiles have been a boon for homeowners, as they can leverage these tiles as a means to showcase their unique decorative styles. They can be used in a variety of different ways.

Here are a few ideas on how to use digital wall tiles in your home:

1. Use As A Focal Point In A Room

Digital wall tiles are a great way to reflect your interest. You can use them to create a focal point in a room, this is especially important if you are a bold person with strong and known passion. These tiles can help you reflect your passion. Choose a bold pattern or color to make a statement, or go for a more subtle design to blend in with your existing décor. The 12x18 digital wall tiles work splendidly to create such a focus point.

2. Use To Create A Unique Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great way to add character to your kitchen or bathroom. Then why not use digital wall tiles to create a unique and eye-catching backsplash? Choose a design or color that will really stand out, or go for a more subtle look to complement your existing décor. Often kitchens and bathrooms are perceived as whole different entities, thus, it is only justified if they have their own character to it which can be accomplished by the 12x24 digital wall tiles.

3. Use To Decorate Your Walls

Digital wall tiles can be used to decorate your walls. Choose a design or color that will brighten up your space, or go for a more subtle look to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The walls of your home can showcase a story or something of importance by leveraging digital tiles. These tiles can have photos of your loved ones or of something significant. To display such affection on walls the 12x24 digital wall tiles are recommended because it enhances the display due to their larger size.

4. Use Variant To Showcase Affection

Digital wall tiles 12x18 can be used to display certain significant aspects of your life on your walls. It gives life to the walls. You can creatively display your loved ones' beautiful memory around the tiles or some important part of your life. Thus, the 12x18 digital wall tiles variant can act as a reminder of your affection. The reason behind this size is that it is ideal at the first glance, additionally, you can incorporate more digital wall tiles and display a memory tree on your walls.

5. Use Beautiful & Refreshing Bathrooms

The bathroom is often regarded as a space for self-reflection and creativity. For that, the bathrooms must have a clean, smooth, and custom look that resonates with homeowners. digital wall tiles 12x18 allow homeowners to achieve such a look for their bathrooms.

6. Use For Fresh & Lively Kitchens

Kitchens are cooking hubs for a home. Having a healthy and fresh look for the kitchen is considered ideal. By leveraging digital wall tiles homeowners can impart subtle art forms on their walls and create a healthy, fresh and lively atmosphere. Having such an atmosphere enhances the mood of the space subconsciously.


Digital wall tiles are growing in popularity among homeowners. The prime reason is the ability to showcase their significant aspect of life. Additionally, digital printing has made them cost-effective process thus, attracting more and more homeowners. These digital wall tiles are available in 12x18 and 12x24 variants. Each variant has its own applications. The pointers mentioned above cover some of the applications of each variant and distinguish between its types.

Hector Ceramic is a leading tile manufacturing company in India. Our accumulated experiences have allowed us to create a splendid collection of digital wall tiles. We manufacture these tiles in two sizes: 12x18 digital wall tiles and 12x24 digital wall tiles. Homeowners and commercial buildings leverage our tiles depending on their requirements. Our tiles are manufactured by leveraging advanced technologies thus, allowing us to deliver top-quality ceramic products.